BME 2501 Marketing Management

Course Code BME 2501
Course Title  Marketing Management
Number of Credits 5
Academic Year 2

The rational of this course is to provide the fundamental concepts, principles and theories of marketing there by broadening student’s knowledge to understand about the nature and the scope of Marketing Management with special reference to the practical applications in the Sri Lankan context. In today’s business world, marketing is all about creating customer values and building profitable customer relationships. Thus, this course describe marketing in terms of the organization’s total operations with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. The course is organized into four models: Understand Marketing Management and analysing marketing opportunities; Developing marketing strategies; Planning marketing programs and; Managing marketing efforts.

  • To provide a basic understanding about the concepts, principles and theories of Marketing Management.

To enhance the knowledge for customer oriented philosophy of organizations in order to create, capture and sustain the market.

At the end of completion of this course, students must be able to;

  • Understand the meaning of major concepts, principles and theories in Marketing Management.
  • Identify the roles and the scope of Marketing Management.
  • Analyze competitive marketing decisions from the customer’s perspective.

Understand about the application of the theory in real business context.

Main Topics Sub Topics No. of Hours

An Overview of Marketing Management


1.1   Define Marketing Management

1.2  The Role & the Scope of Marketing

1.3  Core Concepts of Marketing

1.4  Company Orientation toward the Market Place

1.5  Marketing Management Tasks & Marketing Insights

Module 01:

Identify Marketing Opportunities


2.1 Scanning Marketing Environment

2.2 Managing Marketing Information & Marketing Research

2.3 Analyzing Consumer Buying Behavior

2.4 Analyzing Competitor Behavior & Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Module 02:

Developing Marketing Strategies


3.1 Strategic Marketing Planning

3.2 Target Marketing Strategies: Market Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation & Positioning

3.3 New Product Development Strategies

3.4 Product Life Cycle Strategies

Module 03:

Developing Marketing Programs

4.1 Product: Designing & Managing Market Offerings

4.2 Price: Create Values

4.3 Place: Delivering Values

4.4 Promotion: Communicating Values

Module 04:

Managing Marketing Efforts


5.1 Organizing Marketing Programs

5.2 Implementation Marketing Programs

5.3 Controlling Marketing Programs

5.4 Managing a Holistic Marketing Program for the Long-run

Mode of Evaluation Final examination will be conducted
  • Kotler Phillip, Marketing Management, 14th edition, Prentice Hall of India (PK).
  • Kotler Phillip, Marketing Management, 13th edition, Prentice Hall of India (PK).
  • Kotler, Keller, Koshy, Jha, Marketing Management ,13th edition,  A South Asian Perspective
  • Kotler, Armstrong, Agnihotri, Haque, Principles of Marketing,  14th edition,  A South Asian Perspective

Any other reading material recommended by the lecturers