MEX 2506 Constitutional, Administrative and Commercial Law

Course Code MEX 2506
Course Title Constitutional, Administrative and Commercial Law
Number of Credits 05
Year Number 01
Medium of Instruction Sinhala / English

This course unit consists of 03 law areas namely Constitutional law, Administrative law and Commercial law. This course unit provides the fundamental legal basis of Public Management which is the core area of B.Sc. Public Management General (External) Degree program. Accordingly This course unit introduces the basic principles of constitutional law with an introduction of Sri Lankan constitutions after Independence in 1948 including the present constitution of 1978. In the study of Administrative Law, basic principles of administrative law covering the nature of administrative law, outline of public institutions doctrine of the ultra vires, principles of natural justice, administrative tribunals would be introduced. Understanding the basic principles of commercial law and its application in Sri Lankan contest provides an added value to the knowledge of the students

a) To introduce the basic principles of constitutional law together with the outline of the constitutions after Independence in 1948 including the present constitution of 1978.
b) To identify and familiar with the basic principles, rules, regulations and Acts relating to administrative law and commercial law
c) To provide the students with knowledge of the possible basic legal issues that may arise and solutions thereto relating to the above subject areas

At the end of this Course unit, the students will be able,
a) To understand the general principles of constitutional, administrative and commercial law.
b) To apply the above legal principles to factual situations in public management.



No. of Hours
Main Topics Sub Topics  
1.      Law in general 1.1        What is law?


2.      Constitutional law 2.1        What is Constitutional law?

2.2        Constitutional principles – separation of powers, rule of law, supremacy of parliament.

2.3        Forms of government

2.4        Powers of State-legislative power, executive power and judicial power-court system of Sri Lanka.

2.5        Decentralization of power.

2.6        Electoral system.

2.7        Fundamental rights.

20 hrs
3.      Administrative law 3.1        What is Administrative law?

3.2        Public institutions

3.3        Legislation and delegated legislation

3.4        Doctrine of ultra-vires

3.5        Rules of natural justice

3.6        Public interest litigation

3.7        Administrative tribunals

3.8        Ombudsman

3.9        Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka

20 hrs
4.      Commercial law 4.1        Contract law – Definition of a contract, elements of a valid contract,

4.2        Terms of a contract – exemption clauses

4.3        Discharge of a contract

4.4        Remedies for breach of a contract

10 hrs
5.      Law of Agency 5.1     Definition of agency, formation of agency

5.2     Rights and duties of agent and principal

5.3     Termination of agency

03 hrs
6.      Partnership Law 6.1        Formation of partnership

6.2        Rights and duties of partners

6.3        Termination of partnership

03 hrs
7.      Law of sale of goods 7.1        Sale of Goods Ordinance of 1896;

7.2        Definition of sale of goods contract, implied terms, Transfer of title by a non-owner, Nemo dat  rule, exceptions to it, Rights of unpaid seller and buyer


04 hrs
8.      Bills of exchange 8.1        Legal basis of bills of exchange.

8.2        Characteristics of bills of exchange, cheques , parties to a cheque, endorsements, crossings

03 hrs
9.      Company Law 9.1        Formation of  a company

9.2        Classification of companies

9.3        Main features of Companies Act No. 7 of 2007

9.4        Share & debentures directors , minority protection winding  up


06 hrs
10.  Insurance 10.1    Importance of insurance

10.2    Basic principles of insurance

10.3    Categories of insurance

03 hrs
11.   Hire purchase and leasing 11.1   Main principles of hire purchase & leasing.


03 hrs
Mode of Study Lectures , Seminars and Self – Study
Evaluation    Final Examination (100%)

a) Weeramanthi G.C. An invitation to the Law
b) Cooray L.J.M. Constitutional Government in Sri Lanka
c) Cooray J.A.L Constitutional & Administrative Law in Sri Lanka
d) Cooray Sunil Principles of Administrative Law in Sri Lanka
e) Smith S.A. Constitutional & Administrative Law
f) Wade & Philip Constitutional & Administrative Law
g) Craig P.P. Administrative Law
h) Sharvananda S Fundamental Rights
i) Dicey Law of the Constitution
j) Jennings Ivor The Law & the Constitution
k) Garner A.F Political Science & Government
l) Mukerji K.P. The State
m) Laski H.J. Grammar of Politics
n) Constitutions of 1931, 1948,1972 and 1978