Examination Pass List of Part I 2014 Repeat (New Syllabus) Bachelor of Commerce (General) External Degree

Index No Result
EXC/S/201400004 PASS
EXC/S/201400009 PASS
EXC/S/201400022 PASS
EXC/S/201400080 PASS
EXC/S/201400102 PASS
EXC/S/201400107 PASS
EXC/S/201400135 PASS
EXC/S/201400142 PASS
EXC/S/201400145 PASS
EXC/S/201400154 PASS
EXC/S/201400160 PASS
EXC/S/201400170 PASS
EXC/S/201400188 PASS
EXC/S/201400189 PASS
EXC/S/201400214 PASS
EXC/S/201400222 PASS
EXC/S/201400225 PASS
EXC/S/201400246 PASS
EXC/S/201400254 PASS
EXC/S/201400266 PASS
EXC/S/201400288 PASS
EXC/S/201400297 PASS
EXC/S/201400298 PASS
EXC/S/201400307 PASS
EXC/S/201400320 PASS
EXC/S/201400326 PASS
EXC/S/201400333 PASS
EXC/S/201400345 PASS
EXC/S/201400366 PASS
EXC/S/201400375 PASS
EXC/S/201400377 PASS
EXC/S/201400385 PASS
EXC/S/201400399 PASS
EXC/S/201400404 PASS
EXC/S/201400413 PASS
EXC/E/201400423 PASS
EXC/S/201400429 PASS
EXC/S/201400441 PASS
EXC/S/201400446 PASS
EXC/S/201400452 PASS
EXC/S/201400458 PASS
EXC/S/201400464 PASS
EXC/S/201400500 PASS
EXC/S/201400513 PASS
EXC/S/201400516 PASS
EXC/S/201400550 PASS
EXC/S/201400572 PASS
EXC/S/201400582 PASS
EXC/S/201400598 PASS
EXC/S/201400604 PASS
EXC/S/201400646 PASS
EXC/S/201400653 PASS
EXC/E/201400685 PASS
EXC/S/201400701 PASS
EXC/S/201400719 PASS
EXC/S/201400732 PASS
EXC/S/201400752 PASS
EXC/S/201400795 PASS
EXC/S/201400798 PASS
EXC/S/201400800 PASS
EXC/S/201400801 PASS
EXC/S/201400819 PASS
EXC/S/201400823 PASS
EXC/S/201400837 PASS
EXC/S/201400843 PASS
EXC/S/201400855 PASS
EXC/S/201400882 PASS
EXC/S/201400884 PASS
EXC/S/201400885 PASS
EXC/S/201400904 PASS
EXC/S/201400907 PASS
EXC/S/201400909 PASS
EXC/S/201400915 PASS
EXC/S/201400919 PASS
EXC/S/201400923 PASS
EXC/S/201400927 PASS
EXC/S/201400946 PASS
EXC/S/201400979 PASS
EXC/S/201400987 PASS
EXC/S/201401060 PASS
EXC/S/201401064 PASS
EXC/S/201401089 PASS
EXC/S/201401099 PASS
EXC/S/201401115 PASS
EXC/S/201401120 PASS
EXC/S/201401122 PASS
EXC/S/201401163 PASS
EXC/S/201401187 PASS
EXC/S/201401196 PASS
EXC/S/201401197 PASS
EXC/S/201401202 PASS
EXC/S/201401239 PASS

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