Examination Pass List of Part I 2015 (New Syllabus) Bachelor of Commerce (General) External Degree

Index No Result
EXC/S/201500001 PASS
EXC/S/201500029 PASS
EXC/S/201500065 PASS
EXC/S/201500073 PASS
EXC/S/201500074 PASS
EXC/S/201500101 PASS
EXC/S/201500110 PASS
EXC/S/201500117 PASS
EXC/S/201500129 PASS
EXC/S/201500153 PASS
EXC/S/201500163 PASS
EXC/S/201500173 PASS
EXC/S/201500185 PASS
EXC/S/201500212 PASS
EXC/S/201500287 PASS
EXC/S/201500303 PASS
EXC/S/201500309 PASS
EXC/S/201500313 PASS
EXC/S/201500315 PASS
EXC/S/201500318 PASS
EXC/S/201500323 PASS
EXC/S/201500414 PASS
EXC/S/201500416 PASS
EXC/S/201500421 PASS
EXC/S/201500447 PASS
EXC/S/201500471 PASS
EXC/E/201500532 PASS
EXC/S/201500536 PASS
EXC/S/201500541 PASS
EXC/S/201500553 PASS
EXC/S/201500564 PASS
EXC/S/201500577 PASS
EXC/S/201500581 PASS
EXC/S/201500588 PASS
EXC/S/201500610 PASS
EXC/S/201500613 PASS
EXC/S/201500642 PASS
EXC/S/201500653 PASS
EXC/S/201500662 PASS
EXC/S/201500666 PASS
EXC/S/201500677 PASS
EXC/S/201500679 PASS
EXC/S/201500681 PASS
EXC/S/201500694 PASS
EXC/S/201500696 PASS
EXC/S/201500738 PASS
EXC/S/201500739 PASS
EXC/S/201500753 PASS
EXC/S/201500755 PASS
EXC/S/201500759 PASS
EXC/S/201500788 PASS
EXC/S/201500795 PASS
EXC/S/201500796 PASS
EXC/S/201500811 PASS
EXC/S/201500822 PASS
EXC/S/201500830 PASS
EXC/S/201500833 PASS
EXC/S/201500839 PASS
EXC/S/201500851 PASS
EXC/S/201500856 PASS
EXC/S/201500864 PASS
EXC/S/201500866 PASS
EXC/S/201500868 PASS
EXC/S/201500875 PASS
EXC/S/201500878 PASS
EXC/S/201500881 PASS
EXC/S/201500883 PASS
EXC/E/201500896 PASS
EXC/S/201500902 PASS
EXC/S/201500905 PASS
EXC/S/201500917 PASS
EXC/S/201500924 PASS
EXC/S/201500937 PASS
EXC/S/201500979 PASS
EXC/S/201500981 PASS
EXC/S/201500993 PASS
EXC/S/201500997 PASS
EXC/S/201501004 PASS
EXC/S/201501005 PASS
EXC/S/201501011 PASS
EXC/S/201501018 PASS
EXC/S/201501020 PASS

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