Examination Pass List of Part II 2014 (New Syllabus) Bachelor of Science Management (Public) General (External) Degree

Index No Result
EXP/S/201400001 PASS
EXP/S/201400003 PASS
EXP/S/201400005 PASS
EXP/S/201400006 PASS
EXP/S/201400009 PASS
EXP/S/201400010 PASS
EXP/S/201400022 PASS
EXP/S/201400029 PASS
EXP/S/201400056 PASS
EXP/S/201400076 PASS
EXP/S/201400080 PASS
EXP/S/201400086 PASS
EXP/S/201400102 PASS
EXP/S/201400128 PASS
EXP/S/201400138 PASS
EXP/S/201400142 PASS
EXP/S/201400157 PASS
EXP/S/201400158 PASS
EXP/S/201400163 PASS
EXP/S/201400164 PASS
EXP/S/201400178 PASS
EXP/S/201400179 PASS
EXP/S/201400183 PASS
EXP/S/201400184 PASS
EXP/S/201400186 PASS
EXP/S/201400191 PASS
EXP/S/201400192 PASS
EXP/S/201400195 PASS
EXP/S/201400197 PASS
EXP/S/201400215 PASS
EXP/S/201400230 PASS
EXP/S/201400231 PASS
EXP/S/201400232 PASS
EXP/S/201400244 PASS
EXP/S/201400246 PASS
EXP/S/201400254 PASS
EXP/S/201400262 PASS
EXP/S/201400264 PASS
EXP/S/201400266 PASS
EXP/S/201400268 PASS
EXP/S/201400273 PASS
EXP/S/201400274 PASS
EXP/S/201400281 PASS
EXP/S/201400302 PASS
EXP/S/201400311 PASS
EXP/S/201400327 PASS
EXP/S/201400329 PASS
EXP/S/201400335 PASS
EXP/S/201400352 PASS
EXP/S/201400361 PASS
EXP/S/201400368 PASS
EXP/S/201400384 PASS
EXP/S/201400394 PASS
EXP/S/201400399 PASS
EXP/S/201400405 PASS
EXP/S/201400407 PASS
EXP/S/201400411 PASS
EXP/S/201400427 PASS
EXP/S/201400429 PASS
EXP/S/201400448 PASS
EXP/S/201400450 PASS
EXP/S/201400468 PASS
EXP/S/201400473 PASS
EXP/S/201400485 PASS
EXP/S/201400489 PASS
EXP/S/201400494 PASS
EXP/S/201400506 PASS
EXP/S/201400515 PASS
EXP/S/201400516 PASS
EXP/S/201400543 PASS
EXP/S/201400554 PASS
EXP/S/201400563 PASS
EXP/S/201400565 PASS
EXP/S/201400570 PASS
EXP/S/201400584 PASS
EXP/S/201400586 PASS
EXP/S/201400597 PASS
EXP/S/201400606 PASS
EXP/S/201400611 PASS
EXP/S/201400623 PASS
EXP/S/201400626 PASS
EXP/S/201400628 PASS
EXP/S/201400646 PASS
EXP/S/201400648 PASS
EXP/S/201400649 PASS
EXP/S/201400650 PASS
EXP/S/201400655 PASS
EXP/S/201400657 PASS
EXP/S/201400658 PASS
EXP/S/201400670 PASS
EXP/S/201400671 PASS
EXP/S/201400674 PASS
EXP/S/201400680 PASS
EXP/S/201400694 PASS
EXP/S/201400704 PASS
EXP/S/201400709 PASS
EXP/S/201400717 PASS
EXP/S/201400718 PASS
EXP/S/201400721 PASS
EXP/S/201400730 PASS
EXP/S/201400733 PASS
EXP/S/201400734 PASS
EXP/S/201400758 PASS
EXP/S/201400765 PASS
EXP/S/201400766 PASS
EXP/S/201400767 PASS
EXP/S/201400771 PASS
EXP/S/201400775 PASS
EXP/S/201400781 PASS
EXP/S/201400783 PASS
EXP/S/201400785 PASS
EXP/S/201400791 PASS
EXP/S/201400796 PASS
EXP/S/201400798 PASS
EXP/S/201400813 PASS
EXP/S/201400827 PASS
EXP/S/201400832 PASS
EXP/S/201400839 PASS
EXP/S/201400840 PASS
EXP/S/201400851 PASS
EXP/S/201400852 PASS
EXP/S/201400857 PASS
EXP/S/201400863 PASS
EXP/S/201400866 PASS
EXP/S/201400867 PASS
EXP/S/201400868 PASS
EXP/S/201400869 PASS
EXP/S/201400876 PASS
EXP/S/201400880 PASS
EXP/S/201400884 PASS
EXP/S/201400888 PASS
EXP/S/201400900 PASS
EXP/S/201400901 PASS
EXP/S/201400902 PASS
EXP/S/201400906 PASS
EXP/S/201400910 PASS
EXP/S/201400920 PASS
EXP/S/201400921 PASS
EXP/S/201400928 PASS
EXP/S/201400929 PASS
EXP/S/201400938 PASS
EXP/S/201400951 PASS

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