Bachelor of Arts In English (General) External Degree


The External General Degree Programme in English conducted by the Department of English under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences consists of three core subjects, namely English Literature, English Language, and English Language Teaching Methodology. The programme is introduced with the intention of meeting the demand in the field, particularly in the absence of qualified teachers to teach English in the country. This programme also hopes to overcome some of the problems encountered by the students who are following the current external degree programme where access to quality and up to date information and knowledge is limited which has adversely affected the overall performance of these students. Therefore, it is hoped that by regularizing the conduct of the new external degree programme, we will be able to produce a graduate capable of meeting the challenges in an academic and/or a professional setting thereby making him/her more productive and competitive in different domains where English is used or sought.

The Degree program also consists of 9 Foundational Courses which aim at supporting the core subjects, developing the personality and soft skills of the student/s as well as increasing the professionalism, competence, and employability (if unemployed).

While there is a great demand for the current external degree programme, there have been some concerns regarding the quality of the graduates that are produced through this programme. Therefore, the Department is of the view that in the event that there is more active involvement of the Department in the teaching and learning process, the quality of the graduates would increase. It is hoped that this would in return enhance the quality of the English teachers in the country.

This is a three-year undergraduate program that consists of year-based courses with annual (year-end) examinations. The selected students are first registered for the First Examination in Arts in English and will be permitted to reach the succeeding year depending on their progress. This program includes a credit system which correlates with the number of hours the students engage in active learning . The degrees are awarded after the successful completion of the entire three-year program subject to all the laws and by-laws prescribed by the University.

Target Students

This degree programme aims to cater to,

  1. Teachers of English in government schools, pirivenas and private schools.

  2. Those who hope to pursue a career in teaching.

  3. Those who hope to study English Literature and Language in a local or foreign university.

Course Outline

This degree program aims to produce a graduate who is

  1. Able to apply pedagogic knowledge and training to teach English language and English literature competently.

  1. Capable of making a substantial contribution to the theory and practice of ELT in terms of research, innovation, and critique.
  1. Posses the ability to critically and independently respond to any work of literature and to disseminate literary knowledge.
  1. Can examine language from structural, historical, social, and psychological perspectives and use such knowledge in drawing insights about language.


First Year

Description Course code Course Title Credit Value
English Literature ELIT 1001 Introduction to English Literature 04
ELIT 1002 Literature from the Medieval to the Metaphysical 04
English Language ELAN 1001 Critical Reading & Writing 04
ELAN 1002 Understanding English Grammar 04
English Language Teaching Methodology ELTM 1001 Introduction to ELT 04
ELTM 1002 Approaches & Methods in Second Language Teaching 04
Classical Literature CLIT 1105 Introduction to Classical Literature 04
Compulsory Course SOSE 1106 IT -1 02
Compulsory Course SOFT 1107 Sri Lankan Society 02

Second Year

Description Course code Course Title Credit Value
English Literature ELIT 2001 Augustan & Romantic Literature 04
ELIT 2002 Victorian Literature 04
English Language ELAN 2001 English for Employment 04
ELAN 2002 Structure of English 04
English Language Teaching Methodology ELTM 2001 Teaching Language Skills 04
ELTM 2002 Pedagogical applications 04
Classical Literature CLIT 2105 Greek Tragedy 04
Compulsory Course SOSE 2106 IT -2 02
Compulsory Course SOFT 2107 Introduction toManagement 02

Third Year

Description Course code Course Title Credit Value
English Literature ELIT 3001 Modern and Postmodern Fiction 04
ELIT 3002 Postcolonial & Sri Lankan Literature 04
English Language ELAN 3001 Linguistics 04
ELAN 3002 Discourse Analysis 04
English Language Teaching Methodology ELTM 3001 Testing & Assessment 04
ELTM 3002 ELT Materials Used in Sri Lanka 04
Classical Literature CLIT 3105 Roman Comedy 04
Compulsory Course SOSE 3106 IT -3 02
Compulsory Course SOFT 3107 Leadership & Personality Development 02

Course Coordinator

Dr. S. S. Pereira
Senior lecturer
Department of English and Linguistics
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Sri Jayewardenepura