” විජ්ජා උප්පතතං සෙට්ඨා – උපන්නා වූ සියලූ දෙයින් විද්‍යාව ශ්‍රේෂ්ඨ වේ “

Among all that rise knowledge is the greatest

External Degrees and Extension Courses Unit (EDECU)

External Degrees and Extension Course Unit of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura commenced in 1979 with the commencement of the External Degree Programme in B. Com. Subsequently B.A General Degree Programme commenced. In 1997 the External Degree Programmes in B.Sc Business Administration and Public Administration also commenced. Currently there are six external degree programs offering by the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce.

Key Of Success

The University is committed to the pursuit and transmission of knowledge through teaching, scholarship and research and active service to the community in an environment which values creativity, freedom of intellectual thought and expression, equal opportunity, fairness and professional growth. The University’s endeavour is to contribute to national development by providing a balanced education which blends the finest in theory and practice and by forging interactions between the University and the wider polity.

Our Vision

” Prosper lives through Education “

Our Mission

” Develop globally competent citizens through our education for a sustainable future, drawing inspirations from our cultural heritage and wisdom “
Role of EDECU
  • Registration of external students.
  • Selection and supervision of other institutions for external degree studies.
  • Organizing and conducting lectures, subject feedback seminars, practical workshops with the.
  • participation of university lecturers.
  • Calling and documenting examination applications.
  • Preparation of examination timetables, admission cards and examination rules to the candidates.
  • Printing of question papers and issue to respective examination centres.
  • Organizing the examination on the scheduled date.
  • issuing Examination Results.
  • responsible for storing of examination marks/results.
  • Issuance of provisional certificates.
  • Organizing and conducting the convocation ceremony.
  • Issuance of degree certificates and verification of results.

Organizational Structure of EDECU