Director’s Message

The external degree programmes offered by The External Degrees and Extension Courses Unit of the University of the Sri Jayewardenepura provides a brilliant opportunity to accomplish the dream of obtaining a degree for those who failed to enter a university as an internal student.

The Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, the pioneers of not only in the Management sector but also in offering Management External Degrees is the Leading Management Institute of the country. Under the faculty we are offering three External Degrees which are, Bachelor of Science Management (public) External Degree, Bachelor of Science Business Administration External Degree and Bachelor of Commerce (General) External Degree.

Similarly, you have an opportunity to enroll the external degree programmes conducted by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Now candidates have an opportunity to enter various subject field of studies, with the Bachelor of Social Science (General) External Degree in  Environment and Development Studies and Bachelor of Arts in English (General) External Degree programmes in addition to the Bachelor of Humanities and Social Sciences (General) External Degree programme.

All the external Degrees conducted by our unit possess a massive demand. For the purpose of protecting the quality of the progremmes, the number of students enrolled is restricted.

One of the main obstacle faced by the universities of the 21st century is to produce graduates who are valuable contributions for the society. Many reforms have been introduce to the university system to uplift the relevance and productivity of the degree programs in order to face this challenge, recently. In Parallel, We have changed the external degrees offered by our unit and reintroduced with a new look so that they can satisfy the requirements of the modern society.

The External Degrees and Extension Courses Unit, established through the reforms in the university system that was introduced in order to fulfil the increasing need of distance learning of the society, is the only unit for the external degree candidates, holding the sole responsibility of conducting every activity from registration to the convocation of the external degrees offered.

The education is currently moving from a teachers centered system to a student centered one. Under this circumstance, guiding and giving cooperation in studies of the external students has become the primary purpose of the external unit.

I am inviting you all to use this amazing opportunity that we offer you to obtain a recognized degree from a state university within a brief duration at a minimum cost.

Senior Prof. E. Dayaratne
External Degrees and Extension Course Unit