Bachelor of Humanities and Social Sciences (General) External Degree


The faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has decided to amend its external degree programs and improve its quality and relevance so that the employability of external degree holders would be enhanced effectively in keeping with the national requirements and the individual’s needs for pursuing higher studies. Having considered the status quo and the guidelines provided by the University Grants Commission with the intention of upgrading the quality of external degree programme, the faculty suggests a revision to its existing external degree programme. The external degree programme is comprised of 22 study fields (subjects) offered by ten (10) departments of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Course Outline

Detailed Course Outlines -Part I

Detailed Course Outlines – Part II


The FHSSs intends to equip the students with the following skills and attitudes in order to build up a productive graduate. Such students will have both specialist knowledge and general intellectual and life skills that equip them for employment and lay the foundations for a lifetime of continuous personal development which is necessary for national development.

  • Intellectual skills through the main subjects offered by the degree programme.

  • Practical skills in the application of theoretical knowledge for various purposes.

  • Communication skills required for being effective employers, employees, social worker or as a responsible citizen.

  • ICT skills required for research, project planning and implementation.

  • Analytical skills to identify and deal with problems and solving problems effectively.

  • Other soft skills required for working and living in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and international communities.

  • Attitudes required for working with people and organizations in a humane, innovative and sociable manner.

Subjects/Study fields are as follows.

Social Sciences Humanities

Anthropology Buddhist Civilization

Archeology Buddhist Philosophy

Communication and Media Studies Dancing

Criminology Drama & Theatre

Economics English

Geography Hindi

History Music

International Relations Pali

Philosophy Sanskrit

Political Science Sinhala

Psychology Study of Cultures

Social Statististics


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