Bachelor of Arts (General) External Degree / Bachelor of Humanities and Social Sciences (General) External Degree

Course Outlines

The FHSSs intends to equip the students with the following skills and attitudes in order to build up a productive graduate. Such students will have both specialist knowledge and general intellectual and life skills that equip them for employment and lay the foundations for a lifetime of continuous personal development which is necessary for national development.

  • Intellectual skills through the main subjects offered by the degree program.
  • Practical skills in the application of theoretical knowledge for various purposes.
  • Communication skills required for being effective employers, employees, social worker or as a responsible citizen.
  • ICT skills required for research, project planning and implementation.
  • Analytical skills to identify and deal with problems and solving problems effectively.
  • Other soft skills required for working and living in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and international communities.
  • Attitudes required for working with people and organizations in a humane, innovative and sociable manner.
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Bachelor of Arts (General) External Degree.

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Bachelor of Arts (General) External Degree.

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