Student Welfare

The welfare division is headed by the deputy registrar of EDECU and governing under the supervision of the director of EDECU. There are two Senior Management Assistants attached
to the Welfare Division of EDECU. Student welfare division of the External Degrees and Extension Courses Unit handles the welfare activities of the external students.

Student Welfare Services

• Co-ordination of hardship program
• Handling hostel facilities (On process)

Co-ordination of hardship program

The hardship programme is a source of financial support available to EDECU students. The aim of this programme is to help external students who have difficulties in paying for their degree programme. Awarding of hardships to the student is done by the EDECU fund and will be considered for award hardships according to the requests made by the students. The hardship programme is a grant, not a loan and do not need to be repaid. These grants only intended for a limited number of students.

Handling hostel facilities (On process)

External students who are from the difference areas of Sri Lanka have to come to the examination centers around the university premises for face the relevant examinations. As a solution to the difficulties faced by those students from far away, EDECU have propose to provide hostel facilities and currently the process is under discussion.

Staff Welfare Services

• Handling Insurance Scheme for the University staff
• Facilitating exemption scholarships
• Development activities

Handling Insurance Scheme for the University staff

As the EDECU is functioning under the USJ, a certain amount from the annual income of EDECU is given to the University in order to make necessary arrangements to provide insurance with minimum benefits to the academic and non-academic employees and other development purposes of the university.

Facilitating exemption scholarships

Exemption scholarships are for the full amount of a student’s fee. Students who are awarded an exemption scholarship do not have to pay any of their student fees for EDECU.
Eligibility requirements for exemption are as follows

• Have passed any three subjects in GCE Advanced Level examination
• Be a current permanent employee in USJ